DRG Start-up Advisory Panel Concludes

The DRG Start-up Advisory Panel has recently concluded and has provided us with valuable recommendations and guidelines for DRG. They met via teleconference a few times and exchanged ideas in email. We are now putting together an ongoing Advisory Council per their recommendation. We are also aiming to fill DRG positions and roles over the coming weeks as they have identified. In fact, the first set of interviews are beginning this week. The final Start-up Advisory Panel output is summarized below. Our kudos and thanks go out to Cecil Goldstein, Patrick Green, Lari Huttunen, Dr. Klaus-Peter Kossakowski and Ben Petro! If you have any feedback, feel free to contact us.

Start-up Advisory Panel Guidelines and Recommendations for the DRG

Strategy statement: DRG will investigate current and active attacks against the fabric of the Internet with a view to producing mitigation and defensive strategies as actionable intelligence.

The fabric of the Internet is defined as attacks with affect greater than 10% of the announced address space, in the first instance, but the DRG will look to redefine the criteria to better address more specific services crucial for the whole Internet community.

Objectives for Year 1

  • Build relationships with key data providers.
  • Identify key audiences for the defensive / mitigation strategies.
  • Create templates for presentation of defensive / mitigation strategies.
  • Develop a reporting structure for both Team Cymru and also the key audience.
  • Identify better metrics for the specific services crucial for the Internet.

Oversight of the DRG will be undertaken by the DRG Advisory Council. The council will be made up of three people (Team Cymru to extend invites). The Advisory Council will meet at regular intervals (e.g. quarterly) and identify DRG's progress against the strategic statement and objectives. After year one, the Council will help in the production of new objectives.

The DRG itself will be delineated into five regions: Asia-Pacific (APAC), Europe / Middle East, Africa, North America and South America. Each region will consist of three researchers and also a team leader who will act as regional coordinator. The coordinator role can be taken on by an existing regional researcher. For regions where researchers are unavailable another region can be expanded to help fill the gap.

One of the first roles with the DRG to be filled will be a single DRG manager, a volunteer, who will work with regional coordinators on strategy and who will present updates to the DRG advisory council. As DRG grows, the manager role may turn into a full-time position. An important task for the manager will be to translate the objectives into tactical goals.

Typical skills sets for the researchers will include data analysis, incident response and technical writing (in non-technical terms when necessary). The manager will have management experience, ideally in a global environment and network security skills.

Team Cymru retains the right of veto for all positions.

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#drg on Freenode

We have registered the Dragon Research Group as a "primary group" on the Freenode IRC Network and established a presence there with the #drg channel. Feel free to join us. This public channel will be just one of many avenues the DRG will be able to use to openly interact with the Internet community.

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