The DRG Distro

We are happy to report that the DRG is in full swing and work on the first project has already begun in earnest. The DRG Distro, a custom UNIX distribution designed specifically for the DRG community is currently undergoing development and testing. An early prototype is already running on a number of DRG nodes and a limited release edition will be made available to a round of beta testers, partners and supporters over the coming weeks.

The DRG Distro will be made available to the community at no-cost and offer a number of useful services we are all very excited about. While the DRG Distro may be useful as a standalone distribution, it will provide the most benefit when integrated into the DRG Network, which combines DRG insight, analysis and tools to provide actionable intelligence to the Internet security community.

Making up the DRG Distro are a set of tools or modules that can be enabled or disabled based on the operator's preferences/restrictions. Integration into the DRG Network is also a local decision and if selected will enable access to the latest tools, insight and distro updates.

As always, we welcome your feedback and comments.

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Team Cymru Research NFP designated 501(3)c status

Team Cymru Research NFP, the sponsoring organization for the Dragon Research Group (DRG) has recently been designated a US Federal 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Team Cymru Research NFP is also a designated non-profit entity in the state of Illinois and has been for some time. This update in status may provide a potential tax benefit to current and future generous DRG contributors.

We have updated the About page to reflect this change as well as trying to better answer related questions.

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