DRG supports IPv6

As the free pool of IPv4 addresses from IANA and the RIRs near exhaustion, we at DRG are preparing to support IPv6 in everything we do. For starters, the public DRG service services, such as www.dragonresearchgroup.org is IPv6 capable. If you'd like to see if you are connecting to us via IPv6, visit our DRG IPv6 Test page.

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SSH password authentication insight and analysis

We are happy to announce some new SSH insight and analysis based on DRG network data. You can find these new community resources on the new Insight & Analysis page.

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Pushdo Research, Analysis and Mitigation

We are happy to announce some new research, analysis and mitigation work undertaken on the Pushdo malware family. Our first output is a summary analysis of pushdo infections we have seen over the past few weeks after changes to the Pushdo infected hosts instructed them to send "junk" SSL sessions to a variety of popular websites. More detail at the DRG Pushdo page.

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DRG Distro

We are happy to announce that the DRG Distro has successfully gone through its initial beta phase and is now available for general release! This new tool is at the heart of the DRG Network, which provides actionable intelligence. All the gory details and information on how to volunteer to be a "pod runner" are available on the DRG Distro page.

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