DRG is expanding, join us!

Put simply, we need more talented heroes to help fulfill the growing cache of research and projects. At present, we are especially interested in volunteers who might have a particular set of capabilities and want to make best use their skills to help develop some exciting new research for the Internet community. If you are ready to join us, Visit our Apply to DRG page today and contact us with details. We need you.

We are especially interested in volunteers who possess the following skills:

FreeBSD and GNU/Linux system administration
We are seeking volunteers who are proficient in managing FreeBSD and GNU/Linux systems. Ideally the candidate will be familiar and comfortable setting up and using common monitoring tools, log management applications, system auditing processes, configuration management and modest shell scripting solutions to common tasks. Database administration experience is a plus.
IPv6 end host configuration and internetworking
We are seeking volunteers who understand IPv6 transition technologies, addressing and routing. Ideal candidates will have experience setting up and utilizing IPv6 on Linux and FreeBSD systems.
Technical writing
We are seek volunteers who have a breadth of information security experience, excellent written skills and a desire to publish research reports, white papers and refereed journal articles on behalf of DRG and its associated research. Ideal candidates will also possess web authoring skills.
Tool development
We are seeking volunteers who are proficient in developing small to medium sized security tools. Proficiency with Perl Python, Ruby, C, shell scripting and similar languages common to a UNIX platform are most applicable. The ideal candidate should be able to write small network applications, log parsing scripts, work with SQL databases and be generally capable of manipulating data to produce interesting insight. Web development skills are a plus.
Outreach and public relations evangelizing
We are seeking volunteers who are well connected in the security community and can help interface with the Internet community to bridge needs and projects between the community and DRG. Ideal candidates should be highly respected and frequent participants in various Internet security community forums, proficient with social networking applications and regular guests at in-person community events.

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