The DRG Guide to Using PGP

We are happy to release The DRG Guide to Using PGP. The DRG makes extensive use of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) for a variety of encryption needs. We hope this guide may assist others who want to do the same. We welcome your PGP-encrypted emails in any communications you have with us and we would be happy to participate in PGP key signing events with you. Look for us at your next event. You should be able to download a copy of the DRG PGP public key from this system or find it on one of the many PGP keyservers. Just make sure you have the key id 0x47196BBF. Our key should look like this:

pub   1024D/47196BBF 2009-06-17
      Key fingerprint = C90E 0C2A A629 DF49 959C  D04D 4426 3058 4719 6BBF
uid                  Dragon Research Group 
uid                  Dragon Research Group 
sub   4096g/BBA00357 2009-06-17

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