Welcome to the Dragon Research Group (DRG) FIRST 2013 Challenge!

The DRG Challenge is a series of technical problems designed to provide attendees a fun opportunity to compete for prizes using their creative technical problem solving abilities.

This year's DRG Challenge is made in possible with the generous support from the following organizations:


The challenge is open to all registered attendees of the FIRST 2013 Conference in Bangkok. Note, with the exception of DRG volunteers, DRG Advisory Council members, Team Cymru employees, Team Cymru contractors and immediate family members of the aforementioned people or groups, all attendees are eligible for prizes.

Prizes and Swag


Eligible players are encouraged to register as a team of up to four players. Individuals or those teams with fewer than four players should contact a DRG volunteer for assistance in forming a four-person team and we will try to match you up with other players. One of the purposes of the DRG Challenge is to meet new people so we encourage you to sign up and make some friends

Team registration can be done in person at the DRG staffed Geek Lounge area or through the challenge framework website which will be open on Monday June 17, 2013 and linked to from this page. Participant names will be validated with the FIRST 2013 registration list. Registration will be open throughout the duration of the conference.

The DRG Challenge Framework website will be the authoritative platform for current challenge standings and challenge information. Please note, the framework website is available only locally to conference participants connected to the local conference private (RFC 1918) network. Participants who are having trouble accessing the framework page need to ensure they are not traversing a proxy or VPN outside the conference network first. Also note, the X.509 certificate is self-signed. The certificate details are as follows:

  Common Name: drg1
  Serial Number: 00:87:CE:8A:E6:CF:40:83:5E
  Issued on: 06/16/2013
  Expires on: 06/14/2023
  SHA1 Fingerprint: A0:7E:3B:8A:7E:F7:26:E8:F4:C6:33:5D:11:8B:8D:4D:77:B7:9C:36
  MD5 Fingerprint: 32:9C:88:C5:BB:25:32:0D:1F:84:C1:1F:1D:75:E3:B3

There is also an open, but moderated challenges mailing list for DRG challenges discussion. All participants are encouraged to join and monitor this list for important announcements and discussion during the challenge.

DRG Challenge Details

The DRG Challenge will take place over five days from Monday, June 17 to Friday, June 21 inclusive. It will consist of a variety of challenges ranging in both difficulty and skill level. Points are awarded for each challenge completed based on the estimated level of work to complete a challenge.

Challenges will be made available at 9 AM local time, except for the DRG Challenge Kick-off on Monday June 17, which will begin at noon local time. Once a challenge has been released it will be made available until Friday June 21.

Each challenge has a base point value awarded upon successful completion (100-500 points). If a team completes the challenge they'll be awarded the base points. In addition, bonus points will be awarded to the first three teams to complete a challenge (30 points for 1st, 20 for 2nd and 10 for 3rd).

Upon completion of each challenge, a clue will be provided to the final challenge. It may or may not be necessary to obtain all the clues to solve the final challenge. Answers to the final challenge may be submitted at any time during the week up until the close of the DRG Challenge. A correct answer will result in an additional 2000 points plus bonus points for the first three teams that solve the final challenge (as outlined above). Participant and team progress will be monitored and current standings will be announced each morning in the general session.

The DRG Challenge will conclude on Friday at noon and at that time, the team with the most total points will be deemed the winner. Ties will be broken by calculating the best overall average time to complete each milestone. If by some miraculous coincidence a tie persists, the winner will be chosen from the tying teams at random.

Be patient, persistent and don't give up! Every day we'll be releasing new and fresh challenges that will allow you to make up any points you missed on previous days. Most of these are independent challenges, meaning they don't depend on previous challenge results.


Have fun and good luck!

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